The latest news. First, lets cover the Website name.  There are so many Cost of Freedoms that use the name, The Cost of Freedom, Cost of Freedom, etc. that it get’s confusing.  The Domain Name was also taken and the Web Master suggested we change names.  The other thing we considered is that we had two web masters over the last two years and they had used  COF.  Our new Web Master felt that getting releases might be a head ache as the first one never returned calls or emails.

So, where have we been? Serving all war veterans, Korea had their Ice slopes, in Vietnam depending on where you were, we followed Elephant Trails in the north and highlands. We followed buffalo paths in the Central Highlands, jungle paths and  rice paddy berms in the central part and southern parts of the Nam.

In Iraq and Afghanistan many of our combatants followed the goat trails so that’s the name we chose to use.  It matter’s not what war, we all have trails or paths of some sort we work every night.  The story is, a Nam vet at the VA was asked if he ever thought of going back to Nam and he replied, “I went back just last night”. So we all have our own Goat Trails and we seek to be the end of the Goat Trail for as many warriors as we can.

News on Programs;

All of our Programs are limited to Purple Heart Recipients, veterans suffering from TBI and Combat Disabled Veterans. All on a first come first serve basis within that priority.

The two hunts at Camp Atterbury are Wounded Hero Hunts and thus restricted to those that are Heart Recipients.

A new program through a friends Veteran Program is The Listening Program.  Gary Ferguson started Pathways for Veterans years ago in California. Like all programs of this sort it evolves over time.  We had gone thru a program that Walter Reed is using called Wholetones.

We had wonderful results and other than being expensive it made a difference in relaxing us after a stressful day, it greatly improved our sleep patterns and we were able to reduce the travels back in time to the Nam to on average once or twice a week instead of once or twice a night.

We called Gary Ferguson, a Friend of the Corporation to tell him about it and our results and he asked if I had followed his web site recently. We had not, he then walked us through their new program and we begin listening to the music.  We had the same results as we had with Wholetones.  The listening Program is more extensive, and for Veterans in the VA system it is free. Just follow our instruction at our web site.  If you suffer from TBI or PTSD this is an answer to help you.  It is something you will use the rest of your life.

The Listening Program is now our lead program, and for certain sessions we conduct we will also use Wholetones.

HBOT, We are supporting  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  You can chose Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute and we will assist be reimbursing the veterans travel expense. We do not assist in travel for wives, mothers, your children or distant relatives.  This is treatment for veterans.  The crew at Rocky Mtn. do a great job, they provide housing for the veteran and  provide for a supply of food.   The other unit we use is the Independence Fund.  They pay for all normal expenses.  The treatments themselves make a difference.

We continue to nominate veterans for the Actiontrack chair. If you have mobility issues let us know, we will put your name in for an interview. If your not out enjoying Gods Gift of nature or enjoying conservation programs because of mobility, please let us know.

The 2016 Spring Turkey Hunt, at Camp Atterbury Indiana on 14-17 April is now closed.  We have selected 15 Purple Heart recipient to participate in the Wounded Hero Hunt. This is their program and is open only to Purple Heart recipients.

We will have a Father Son/Daughter, Mother Son/Daughter Fishing day at Willow Slough Indiana on 28 May.  Applications for this are on the Web Site. Single Veterans that fall within our eligibility may also apply.

We will provide a Ladder UPP Life Skills workshop on 18 June location to be decided.

We will have a second Father Son/Daughter, Mother Son/Daughter Fishing Day on 27 August.  Location to be decided.

Our Pheasant Invitational Hunt is scheduled for 16 & 17 September.  We will again use the Harrington Farm as our base.

Other events for this year are a Second Ladder UPP workshop, an Atterbury Deer Hunt and possibly a second deer hunt, all dates to be determined. Watch our website for more details.