So, what have we been doing in the last three months? We had a total of 86 Veterans participate in the Turkey Hunt, the Father Son Fishing event and the Ladder UPP Work-shop conducted by Silouan Green. That doesn’t seem like a lot but early on we had budget constraints, and we are dealing with 30% no shows. The 30% is about ball park for other groups doing these kinds of thing for veterans.
How do we fix that? Nobody has a good answer for that. How can you help, if you commit please show up or at least call. Too many times we delay something waiting on someone who will not show. Please at least call or send a text.

Hunting and Fishing Programs for Combat Wounded, Combat Injured & Disabled Veterans | The Cost of Freedom, Inc. (Indiana)So what else have we been up to? We have been to functions put on by others and have us thinking of alternative ways to deal with the same age old problems. Purple Heart Recipients are a concern because we have gone through our own hell. The other side is those that didn’t receive the Purple Heart but carry the same scars of hell. I am talking about TBI and PTSD or PTS as it is now referred to. Those of us who climbed out of our own deep dark hole usually know a different route to healing. Do you believe that the Mental Health Doctors at the VA are doing the right things as they prescribe over the limit Medications with no results? I talked to one of the local Iraqi Veterans and he told me His doctor has 2,500 patients! That is the reason we don’t get better therapy. There Is no therapy but there is plenty of medications.

We began our uptick educationally with a workshop at Purdue University, A culture of Violence or Mercy. An excellent presentation of the mind we are fighting in the Middle East. Next we attended A Conversation on War, lead by Silouan Green and Susan Hackley. Susan is doing documentary shows with The Harvard Law School. This event covered all three phases of the before we go to war, the conduct of the war and after-math of war—namely TBI and PTSD/PTS. A really great workshop. Next we will be at the Battlemind to Home presented by The Military Family Research Institute, Purdue University.
Program like these may be conducted in your area, maybe not the same program by the same people but they are being done so try to find something local if you can. It may help you or for sure will help a vet someplace. That’s what this is, help a veteran today. None of us know the deal, Not even the doctors at the VA. What we do know is that this worked for me and that worked for my best friend. Those are the lessons to be shared.

So what’s the goal of the Cost of Freedom as we work down a Goat Trail? Well, we want to provide for a certain number of veterans based on valid budgets. We have events planed for this year. For next year we are looking to have another event in Brown County, Indiana plus our regular events. We will also look into an event or two in South-West Ohio thanks to the efforts of Rick Hebanstriet.

What we do know that works without prescription are the more natural programs.  Those program that get us out into the fields and woods, things that get us around other Veterans, listening programs —all built around music, the listening programs by Advanced Brain Technology, or Wholetones by Michael Tyrrell. For Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We work with two groups so the availability is there. How can we serve you?

So how can you help or how can you be involved. Well 1st be an invitee for an event. next volunteer for what we need, be it Guide, Team Leader or Staff. These are things we never have enough of and the 2nd reason why we grow slower than we should, and Funding obviously.

So we will keep working and looking for things that work for veterans. All of our events are home to event and back home on the Veteran. What that means is it is you to get to where ever we are doing an event. We will pay for the expenses once you have arrived. Once the event is over then the invitee must have his own transportation to get home.
Please share treatment that are working in your area. There are some great programs that are helping vets. If it works for in your area we need to push to get it done in all areas. It about vets living life to the fullest.