The Listening Program | Registration Instructions

In your Browser, type in (Go Daddy has this messed up and usually it comes up Pathways for veterans comes up as a .com-either way you get in).

When that screen comes up, on the right side find a list of programs in Yellow blocks, or click on the rotor.

Click on Listening program (the top one), or you can click on the sea shell.

Fill in the form with your information on this page.

When you get near the bottom, the question –how did you hear about us,

Click on the blue up-down arrow, and find my name, Dave Bowman, click on my name,

Then next one, click on the listening program works,

Then in the box, how we may be of service to you, type in,  Dave said this works, can you set me up,

Then click Submit.

In less than 48 hours you show get an email from Pathways for Veterans with a letter attached.

Make a copy of this letter so you have one, then take this letter to your Primary Care Doctor at the VA, this letter will list the products you will receive and information for your doctor.  Your doctor needs to forward this to the VA Prosthetics Department. They will order the medical device from Advanced Brain Technologies for you.  This letter has phone numbers if your doctor or Prosthetics needs more information.  Then in about 4 weeks (from the date prosthetics sends the order in) you will get a box delivered to you.  Open the box and relax and enjoy. The letter will have a list of items that will be sent to you at no charge.

(If you have trouble with this, try using the computer at your local library. If you can’t do that, call me at 317-525-8852.  You may have to leave a message for me but I will return your call and enter your data for you.  We will try to have the letter sent to your email address.)

Dave Bowman, The Cost of Freedom.

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